Youth Making A Difference – ‘Hope for Homeless’

On the 19th of March 2013, a group of young people from the Aasha Project organised the ‘Hope for the Homeless’ event at the Osmani Centre. Working to complete a segment for the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award, the young people took overall responsibility for the event, from concept, planning and delivery. Young people collected clothes donated by their friends and family and got the Osmani Trust staff to contribute. They even got the local restaurants involved! Several restaurants donated a total of 125 containers of delicious Bangladeshi food.

Young people’s aims for the project included; a) to raise awareness of homelessness and overcrowding (a major issue in Tower Hamlets, b) to complete a segment to achieve their ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award, c) to give something back to those who are less fortunate. On the day, more than 45 people attended and took bags of clothes and enjoyed the Biryani dishes

Some of the comments from those who attended include “I really appreciate that young kids will think about others”. The following are comments from young people who organised the event.

“The event was a brilliant experience and I am proud to say I was part of this” “During the Hope for Homeless project I gained knowledge and valuable leadership skills. The most important thing I have learnt is taking responsibility” Nadim Zaher, young person “The event was a brilliant experience and I am proud to say I was part of this” Jahid Hussain, Young person

OC Active:
New Healthy Lifestyle
programme launched

On Saturday 16th February, Osmani Trust launched its new Healthy Lifestyle programme. This programme targets 12 – 18 year olds above a healthy weight who would like help in maintaining a healthy weight.

Over 20 families from across Tower Hamlets signed up to the programme. Over the course of the 10 weeks young people and their families will learn creative ways to eat more healthily; understand themselves better and learn strategies to change their lifestyle and feel more confident. They will also be able to take part in group physical activity and our weekly sports coaching session, as well as activities, trips and events planned throughout the year.

OC Active Healthy Lifestyle programme is being delivered as part of a partnership between Osmani Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust, and is supported by Big Lottery Fund and Tower Hamlets Public Health.

Abu Hasanath, Business Development Manager of Osmani Trust said: “We are extremely happy to have partnered up with Hannah and her team from the Tower Hamlets Weight Management Service. This programme is highly innovative and addresses a key issue in our local community. We will be running similar initiatives for the next 5 years thanks to funding from Big Lottery Fund.”

To register or to find out more, please call the OC Active Team on 020 7247 8080.
Alternatively email Sana or Alema on or

Osmani Trust on Channel S:
Tackling Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation in our Community

On Thursday 31st January 2013 Abu Mumin, Senior Manager, Osmani Trust, appeared on the ‘Reality with Mahee’ show on Channel S (a popular UK Bengali channel) to discuss issues around prostitution and sexual exploitation in Tower Hamlets and the work of Osmani Trust. He explained that levels of prostitution and sexual exploitation in Tower Hamlets is worrying and is reflected through the following three established practices which are highlighted below;.

1) Street level prostitution
This type of prostitution attracts crime and impacts the community especially children & families during school runs when some prostitutes operate. OT has been at the forefront of empowering the community within the law to raise awareness and organise community campaigns. In partnership with Shoreditch Citizen, local residents, OT staff and volunteers knocked on doors, filmed residents and collated information on questionnaires regarding the impact of prostitution. A community consultation was organised with over 120 people attending. Chief Inspector Nigel Nottidge and Mayor’s representative were also present. The following outcome was achieved;
• Immediately after the consultation meeting bail conditions were placed on Vallance Road by the Police.
• Police patrolling hours will be increased from 10pm-8am, targeting prostitutes and kerb crawlers.
• A permanent vice squad will be put in place.
• Improve street lights on and around valance road.

2) Sexual exploitation
Young girls who are school/ college aged are targeted and some are eventually coerced into prostitution. OT is part of the Sexual Exploitation Forum which looks at developing strategies. Young girls have voluntarily approached OT to disclose sexual exploitation cases. We continue to offer confidential support and advice.

3) Massage Parlours
Setup by ‘pimps’ and businessmen who target in many cases female students’ from abroad to provide massage and sexual favours to men. The picture above shows they are targeting Bengali speaking men with Bengali language adverts in local shops.

Amaal Girls Project:
Selby Estate Gardening Project

The Amaal Girls project has launched a Girls Gardening Project in partnership with Spitalfields Farms and Southern Housing Group. The girls have been allocated a small patch on the Selby estate where they will grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The project will run for six months and encourage more local girls to participate in horticulture as well as assist the farm in maintaining the area so that it is not used as a rubbish compound.

Education, Training & Employment Project

Construction Case Study:

Having successfully completed a pre apprenticeship CSCS course, a group of young apprentices from the Osmani Trust have now been placed with Crossrail, the multi-billion pound rail project across London.

The group includes 4 young candidates who will be carrying out their apprenticeships onsite at Whitechapel. They will begin their Multiskills level 1 later this month, followed by the Level 2 Construction Operative. We are hoping to secure the future of these young people within the construction industry, for the next 5 Years!!

Business Admin Apprentices

Our Business Administration Apprentices have all successfully completed their technical certificate component of their course. After a very impressive set of results, the E&E team took the group of learners out for a meal as a treat and recognition for their achievements and hard work.


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