Amaal Women’s Group launched

Amaal Girls, one of eight projects of Osmani Trust successfully launched its first session for adult women, on Wednesday 29th September 2010 at the Osmani youth and communtiy centre, Vallance Road.

The launch marked the beginning of a weekly women’s group for parents and adult women aged 20 and over.

Near to a hundred local women attended the launch reaffirming the programme as worthwhile and the beginning of something positive.

The launch gave women an opportunity to share ideas of activities they would like to partake in as part of the weekly women’s programme whilst relaxing with a soothing massage and hand decoration with eastern Henna designs.  The women enjoyed cultural dishes and dessert and a wonderful singing performance by the talented Vanita Atim. Through a short walk in the centre observing the stalls, taking part in different activities and meeting new people the day provided a brief taster of the positive impact of interacting with other community members. Participants shared their passion and desire to take part in activities that provide catharsis from their daily duties,

A mother of three shared:

“I’m really excited to be part of the women’s group, I like the idea of engaging in different activities throughout the varied weeks…this is exactly what I need!”

With the feedback gathered, Amaal will work in partnership with the Health Trainer’s project and Education and Employment project to develop a programme of weekly women’s sessions seeking to engage parents and women in positive recreational activities and focussed workshops addressing local issues.  Activities will include keep fit classes, fruit carving, parenting workshops, training courses, sewing and more. Sessions will run every Wednesdays 12-2pm starting from Wednesday 13th of October 2010.

“There is an increasing feeling of alienation regarding children’s actions by parents as they are oblivious to many social networks which govern their children’s daily lives…this project is about educating our local women at deeper levels beyond their emotional and physical health; it aims to help close the gap between parents and their children in today’s society.”  Ruksana Khanam, Senior Project Worker, Amaal

Amaal welcomes interest from services working with women to work in partnership in delivering the women’s provision at the Osmani centre. 

“Working with adults is key to supporting young people effectively.  We hope that through our weekly programme we can improve dialogue between young people and adults, provide a platform for development of women and motivate them to play an active role in improving the quality of life in the local area.” Khadeja Begum, Project Manager, Amaal 

If you are interested in joining the women’s group, you can simply turn up to the session or for more info contact Ruksana Khanam on T: 020 7377 8429 or E:


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