Case Studies

At Osmani Trust we thrive in giving exceptional services in all the sessions we run.

Here are some of the feedback provided by our clients in our projects:



“Working with with Osmani Centre was a phenomenal experience! Especially the fact I had my apprentice provider on my right hand side desk. I have learnt a lot from Osmani centre and developed a lot of skills and knowledge. I had more than 2 job roles in Osmani centre which I really enjoyed and kept me extremely busy. My apprentice provider’s where always helpful. Whenever I asked for help they stopped their work and helped me Immediately. They always support me, motivate me and they make sure I complete my work on time even though if we both have to go that extra mile and stay in the office till the centre closes. After I completed my apprenticeship, Osmani Centre offered me to work with them which I did for a while till i found my new job. I know work with a Estate Agent called Sterling De Vere as a property manager and I could of not done it without Osmani Centre Support! Thank you to Rumi & Azad :)”– Client at the Apprenticeship programme

“Very welcoming and was able to contribute”– Client at a Confidence Building Session

“I had done interview skills today and am happy with the progress feel a little confident now”– Client for Interview Practice session one on one

“Very good explanation, everything fine” — Client at Employability and Interview Types session

“Happy with session” Client at a Budgeting session on on one

“Very nice and hospitable”– Client at searching for ESOL classes

“I am happy”– Client at searching for Childcare Voluntary Roles

“I got help with finding location”– Client at escorting to care job agency

“Samia was very helpful”–  Client at liaising with mentoring role and completing application form

“I like this project very much because of the project worker. I did lots of things today”–Client at a Confidence Building Session

“The help provided on the project is exceptional”– Client at a search on Apprenticeship

“I did enjoy everything”– Client at a Confidence Building Session

“I am very happy satisfied with the help and information I received today. The adviser was clear and gave me clear information. I will be using this service again”– Client at an Information, Advice and Guidance Session

“I enjoyed the training”– Client at a Confidence Building Session

“Great help for CV”– Client at a CV Building Session

“Brilliant service and explanation, Samia was great!” — Client at an Information, Advice and Guidance Session



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