Case Studies

Second Chance 

SR was stopped by police officers in the Isle of Dogs area. She was with a male associate who had class B drugs in his possession with the intent to distribute. SR was referred to the Second Chance Programme (SCP) by the police. SR initially failed to turn up to her appointment. However, the mentoring officer made effort to chase her up a number of times until some progress was made for her to engage. SR expressed she was nervous and didn’t know what to expect or if this referral was a form of punishment.

Due to boredom, SR claimed she made some negative choices, especially during the pandemic where she found herself associating with peers who are inclined towards using and selling class B drugs. After some discussion, SR expressed she wants to make a change in her life and feels with the help of SCP she can fulfil her potential. SR is studying in college but had difficulty completing her assignments due to the lack of space at home. SCP mentors provided a safe study space for her. She was thankful to the police officer who referred her to the programme as the programme has opened many windows of opportunity for her. Staff have helped SR with an online business she wanted to get started and since has thrived. She completed the 6 weeks programme and remains in contact with the Osmani Trust where she is being supported by other internal projects.

SR’s feedback:

I’d like to start off by saying thank you so much for all the help, support and advice you have given me.

When I was caught up in a situation the police had given me a second chance programme card and had told me that this was voluntary if I would like some help. When I received this i said to myself I’m not going to go so I did not attend. A few days later you had given me a call and convinced me to come by and see how the programme goes and see if it will be beneficial to me, so I thought alright I’ll go in and see how I feel about it. When I first met you I was nervous and thought I was going to be judged and didn’t feel comfortable. I was wrong, you did not judge me one bit you heard what I had to say and made me feel comfortable enough to talk about my situation.

Every single session we had helped me out a lot. I realised a lot of things like how I shouldn’t befriend the wrong kind of people who will get me into trouble. You taught me how to be my own person and focus on my own thing in life. You helped me realise where I am at with my life, what is it that I’m focusing on and what I need to do to achieve all my goals in life. I had spoken to you about how I need to catch up on college work and you suggested that I make a time table, at first I didn’t think it will help me till I tried it out I realised it’s actually helpful.

These sessions have honestly benefited me so much and now I also know that I can open up to you or come to you for help, support, advice or even just someone to talk to. Also when I told you that I’m looking for a part time job to keep me busy and so I can earn a legitimate income you helped me with that and did what you can to help me look for a placement as well as helping me establish my online business. I could keep going on about how much these sessions have benefited me but I’ll think I’ll leave it there and once again thank you for all the help and support.”


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