APS in Mentoring and Befriending

The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation aims to ensure that mentoring and befriending are at the centre of current and future national volunteering strategies.

Through the promotion of standards and a range of support structures and services, the Foundation aims to provide a quality experience for the volunteer and a successful outcome for mentees and befriendees.

The practical benefits of achieving the APS include:

  1. External recognition for safe and effective practice in mentoring and befriending
  2. APS is an accepted benchmark by government departments and other funding bodies that will help with your funding applications
  3. Increased public confidence in your mentoring or befriending programmes to help promote your programme to potential service users and volunteers
  4. Provides a ‘health check’ of your project to ensure that you are operating in a professional way
  5. Certification and use of the ‘Approved Provider Standard’ logo, to help promote and raise the profile of your project


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