Belgium delegate visit Shaathi Project

Belgium delegate visit Shaathi Mentoring Project

Shaathi Mentoring Project was selected by Mentoring and Befriending Foundation to showcase their project to a European delegation. The purpose of the visit was a fact finding mission on how effective mentoring projects are run in the UK. The delegation is working towards and is keen on initiating their own Mentoring Projects in Belgium, Shaathi was one of 2 projects to be selected in London and the only project in Tower Hamlets.

The delegation had the opportunity to meet the Senior Manager of Osmani Trust Abu Mumin who took them through the history of the trust why and how Osmani Trust (formally known as BLYDA and ELITE YOUTH) came to existence. This lead onto the Saddique Ahmed presenting the Mentoring Project to the delegation and explained the operational aspects of the project and how the project is operated, managed and monitored.

One of the delegation members Kate Bocque said “this has been a great pleasure coming to see your project, it looks fantastic and we hope that one day you can come and see us in Belgium”

The visit was arranged by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation who are one of the leading agencies in the UK to advocate and promote positive Mentoring. Shaathi has attained the Approved Provider Standard from the Mentoring and Befriending foundation on 2 occasions, in 2006 and 2009, making Shaathi one of the few BAME (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic) groups to hold the standard in Tower Hamlets.

East Midlands Regional Coordinator for MBF Eileen Redpath said “I am very impressed with how Shaathi is doing and the future for this organisation and its service users looks great and promising”

Shaathi Mentoring Project has been operating since 2002 and is working with the some of the most disengaged and disaffected young people known to society. We aim to provide a positive role model to the young people we work, support and enable them to overcome the challenges and barriers they may be facing in their lives. Shaathi’s main ethos is to enable and empower positive learning and lifelong change through positive engagement and enjoyment.

If you are interested in making a referral or finding out more about the Shaathi Mentoring Project, please contact the Osmani Trust on 0207 247 8080 or visit

Date of published: 10th May 2010

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