Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence

Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence

Using Early Help

September 2019 – March 2020

Supporting Children and Families in Tower Hamlets.

A guide for partners and families

We aim to work with:

  1. a) Individual young people at higher risk of exploitation or involvement in criminal activities including knife crime or other violent incidences and their families who are likely to be experiencing a range of difficulties. The key here for young people is ‘at risk’ rather than already very involved in crime or exploitation. These young people are themselves likely to have problems in two or more of these areas:
  • Education (school/college/training)
  • Health (including substance misuse)
  • Exploitation (all types of child/youth exploitation)
  • Weapons/serious youth violence (No current order)
  • Co-offending with others (No Current Orders)

Families will receive support which utilises their strengths to develop safe plans with their children through Family Group Conferences.

  1. b) Groups of young people: to help them build skills of mediation and conflict resolution
  2. c) Groups of parents/carers: workshops to help them identify and understand the risks and to know where they can get help and support. Workshops will take place in community settings.

Who is doing the work? (the project Partners)

In the East of the borough it is Streets of Growth with the Tower Hamlets Early Help Service. The geographical area broadly covers Poplar including the Isle of dogs, Mile End and Bow.

In the West of the borough it is the Osmani Trust with the Tower Hamlets Early Help Team to Service. The geographical area broadly covers Shadwell, Bethnal Green, Wapping and Stepney.

Could this support help a child or family I know?

Community groups, Schools, Early Help, Youth workers might talk through the risks a child or family is facing and apply for a place on the programme for the child and their family using the referral form.

A joint project group will meet each week to review referrals to decide if a child or family is suited to the programme. If suitable a worker will then be allocated to meet the child or family and start the work.

Where the project is not appropriate for the family the referrer will be informed and where possible suggestions will be given about suitable support.

What do we hope to achieve over the Project period?

1) Young people prevented from entering the criminal justice system

2) Parents and children/young people better informed about risks and knowing how to seek help

3) Improved family relationships

4) A whole family response with family led plans.

5) Young people led platform to share information.


Making a referral

Referrals should be made through the Early Help Online Enquiry Forms: The form is accessed through the Early Help webpages:

Or direct link


Contact details:

Osmani Trust

0207 247 8080


Streets of Growth

0207 515 7356


Tower Hamlets Early Help

0207 364 5006 (select option 2)


Conditions: This is voluntary engagement. Work can only proceed by consent. The project workers and services involved, will with agreement, record and hold information electronically.

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