Creative Cakes made by Shaathi Girls!

AQA Level 1 Cake Decorating Course

Seven young women completed a one day cake decorating course at Osmani.   Led by tutor from Life skills development the session gave young women an opportunity to explore their creative talents in baking and decorating.  The young women learnt various techniques for decorating cakes using butter cream, chocolate and fresh cream. 

The course has helped young women improve their ability to bake and design.  The young women also have a better understanding of fillings, frostings and the temperature tolerance of various baking materials.

One of our younger participants shared: ‘this was my first time baking it was very messy and exciting, I now know how to make a cupcake! This course taught me to be patient when making something, I really enjoyed it!’  (young person 12 years old)

Participants were encouraged to work in pairs and groups enabling them to build on their team work skills and build positive relationships with other members of Shaathi.  The young women left proud with a sense of achievement and a box full of self made cupcakes to share with family and friends!


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