Dana Cup 08

Challenges in sport. Social experiences. Cultural enrichment. Dana Cup has it all. Over the last 26 years more than half a million participants from over a 100 nations have made Dana Cup known all around the world. Denmark’s largest sporting event and the world’s third largest youth football tournament; Dana Cup has a unique international atmosphere and at the same time takes place in a secure area, one of the most beautiful in Denmark.

Dana Cup is a tournament where teams from all around the world can match themselves against other teams of the same age and where the battle for the trophies gives the Dana Cup week its pulse and energy. More than 850 teams participate each year at the Dana Cup. Regardless of level, each team from the Dana Cup is certain of playing a minimum of four games and they have the opportunity to test themselves in international competition.

Osmani Trust are proud to announce that this year we will be taking a group of young people from Brick Lane to take part in the Dana Cup 2008. They will be competing in the U19’s cup competition. This is a huge undertaking and requires a huge amount of resources and funding. We would urge you as a local business to show your support to our club by sponsoring our team.


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