Family Mentoring Programme

The Shaathi Family Support and Mentoring Programme is both a prevention and intervention programme seeking to work with families that are at risk of breaking down and/or are facing multiple social, financial or health related difficulties.

The programme has been developed to support vulnerable young people and families living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH). The Programme supports families with young people aged 8-17 and living in Tower Hamlets. The Shaathi programme works with children, young people and families where there are emerging difficulties or indicators of emerging difficulties or complex needs. These needs can include anything that affects health, development and wellbeing of young people and their families and supports them to address these difficulties. Some of these needs may include:

  • Families with significant parent child conflict/poor parenting skills
  • Families with significant housing needs/low income/overcrowding
  • Families with domestic abuse/alcohol/drugs abuse
  • Families where a parent/carer/young person is experiencing mental health difficulties or concerns
  • Families with young people at risk of anti-social behaviour or known to YOT/with ASBO
  • Families where young person is NEET/at risk of being excluded from education
  • Families where child is displaying behavioural difficulties

The programme has been designed to offer young people and families one to one mentoring and family support. This is to enable each family to address and overcome immediate and long term challenges and difficulties they may experience within the household. The family mentors will support, advice and give guidance to the young person and families, playing an important role in empowering families and young people to address difficulties and develop capabilities, building a stronger healthier family unit.

The Family Mentoring Programme has adopted an ethos that believes positive change can occur through a positive relationship with the mentor built on certain care conditions such as empathy, acceptance and sincerity.


The allocated mentor/s will meet the child and family weekly. From the outset, a Family Action Plan is developed in consultation with each client based on issues, needs and challenges identified.

Where can mentoring take place?

Mentoring can take place at the following locations or venues:

  • Home
  • Idea Stores
  • Youth and Community Centres
  • Public Parks
  • Cafes
  • Schools
play studio