Girl’s New Room

As the hoardings went up to demolish the former Amaal Girls Room, a new space was created for the relocation of Amaal Girls Project.  The ‘Old store room’, a room which was derelict and abandoned has now been transformed into ‘The new Amaal Girl’s youth club room’. Once the cold gloomy room with green tiles and broken walls where everything was dumped, it is now a creative and dynamic space for use by young women.  This has now become a fruitful space where the success of the Amaal girl’s projects can excel.

The girl’s room will hold different youth programmes for girls aimed at encouraging the women of tomorrow to get together and socialise with a positive influence. There are a variety of different activities available including cooking sessions, arts and crafts, media, discussions and workshops. The refurbished space includes a fully fitted kitchen, and an open floor area for group activities.  The room has a through door to a sofa room where young women can unwind and relax.

The transformation of the store room into space for the girl’s club room has been a smooth transition from the former room in providing the Amaal girls with a unified space in which they can express themselves and progress.


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