Health Trainers Kayaking Excursion

Health Trainers Kayaking Excursion

It has somewhat become an annual affair the customary trip to Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre by Osmani Trust Health Trainers. The activity was chosen to be kayaking, which many of the clients have never experienced.

The day began on the 27th September 2012 at 9.30am when the group of ten were strolling into the Osmani Centre. It was a twenty five minutes brisk walk all the way to Shadwell Basin. Once we all got there people were just itching to be on the water and some even apprehensive with nerves. After people got changed into their wet suits the instructor gave a brief health and safety and training on paddles and manoeuvring. Soon after everyone got into their kayaks it seemed like ducks to water and it was all fun and games for the rest of the two and half hours, which just flew by. Before we knew it, it was time to head back. The tradition of the group leader to be thrown into the water just like the Cambridge and Oxford boat race was exercised by the clients, Health Trainer Shamimuz got wet!

After hot showers the day culminated with a healthy picnic in the nearby King Edward Memorial Park. Everyone enjoyed healthy packed lunches and after an exhausting activity the park bench was like a sofa in our own home and took longer than expected to finish lunch. Everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly and already looking forward to more trips.

The trip is organised to reward outstanding clients for their efforts, determination to make behaviour changes, lifestyles and those that have completed or about to complete their programme. This activity is designed to motivate and encourage Health Trainer clients to have an active and healthy lifestyle and teach that there are many forms of exercise and activities within the locality. This also gives clients an eye opener in terms of other environments and activities other than to go to the gym to exercise and be active.

“Many thanks for organising an excellent trip today. It was great fun at Shadwell Basin,” Dino Patel.

“We need more trips like these to experience as we missed out in our youth,” Najafgulu Guliyev

“Nice trips like these makes taking part in Osmani Health Trainers more worthwhile,” Ashab Uddin

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