Jack Petchey CBE Visits Osmani Trust

On Friday 14th September Jack Petchey CBE, accompanied by Trudy Kilcullen and Graham Adams of the Jack Petchey Foundation visited Osmani Trust to meet with young people and witness some of the works of the organisation first hand. Jack Petchey was greeted by Imadul Islam, Chair of Osmani Trust, and taken for a tour of Osmani Centre. As part of his tour Jack Petchey CBE met with young people taking part in various group activities and spoke with some of the members.

Nadeem Malik 17 said: “I enrolled onto the Youth Apprenticeship programme with Osmani Trust.  During my time I’ve gained a lot of confidence and self-esteem. I have learnt how to interact with young people and take a more professional approach. Just recently I qualified as a Level 2 Youth Worker. In future I would like to do the Level 3 Youth Work qualification and become a mentor for the Shaathi Mentoring Project.”

After a tour of the new Centre and meeting with young people, Jack Petchey CBE said ‘We all have an obligation in life to give something back. I myself have gained so much satisfaction from helping others. I have been blown over with what Osmani Trust does and you have so much that we can emulate.”

Both Osmani Trust and Jack Petchey Foundation have agreed to maintain contact and work together in meeting the needs of young people of the East End. Imadul Islam, Chair of Osmani Trust, thanked the visitors for taking time out of their busy schedules and inspiring management, staff, and volunteers to continue working hard for the community.

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