Osmani Badminton Academy

On Sunday 17th of October 2010, Osmani Badminton Academy held a charity Badminton tournament to raise money for the new Osmani Centre. Having already held a successful tournament in July 2010 the response was very high and at one point there were over 36 teams wanting to participate. However, due to time constraints the initial number was filtered down to 28 teams. Teams from all over the country including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Northampton and Luton took part in what became an amazing spectacle of badminton. The Final was played out between Anwar Islam and Jamal Uddin from Birmingham against crowed favorites Shoib Ahmed and Mohammed Taslim from Tower Hamlets. As expected the Final was a very competitive match which included rallies lasting up to 26 shots. The match was won by Shoib Ahmed and Mohammed Taslim on the very last point making them worthy champions of the tournament.

Captain of Osmani Badminton Academy, Aminur Rahman, said “The tournament was a great success and the crowed enjoyed some tremendous matches. It was good to see Shoib Ahmed who plays his badminton for our club win the tournament, however, more importantly, we raised £640 and raised awareness for the Osmani Centre”. The Senior Manager of Osmani Trust, Abu Mumin, says that the ‘community is the most important stakeholder of the Osmani Centre, and we want to encourage as many residents as possible to be a part of it’.


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