Osmani Trust Condemns Recent Looting and Vandalism

Osmani Trust strongly condemn the recent looting, violence and vandalism that has spread across parts of London and the UK. There can be no justification for this! We call on all our young people and members of the community to stay safe and stay away from such acts. These acts only serve to hurt us and the community we live in.

We understand that there are many issues affecting our young people and the community, such as unemployment and poverty. We can only change these circumstances by working together.

Osmani Trust believes in proactive engagement of the community to create a peaceful and prosperous society. We have therefore mobilised our staff and community volunteers to engage with our young people and members of the community during these turbulent times.

Our staff and volunteers are conducting outreach sessions in different parts of Tower Hamlets to dissuade young people from participating in any vandalism and looting as well as helping to reassure members of our community.

For further information contact Khoirul Alam on 07960 038 602 or khoirul.alam@osmanitrust.org

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