Osmani Trust reach the Summit

Osmani Trust reach the Summit


Whist most people were looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend Osmani Trust were preparing for one of their great outdoor adventures to raise money for the new Osmani Centre, a state of the art facility for the local community.

On Saturday 1st May 2010, more than 40 people gathered in the early hours of the morning to embark on a 24 hour adventure to trek Mount Snowdon in North Wales.  For the past three months participants have been raising money by selling homemade food, doing car boot sales as well as seeking sponsorship from colleagues, friends and family members.

For majority of the participants this was a new experience.  Therefore, people were slightly nervous and excited at the same time.  We arrived two hours late so we were already behind schedule.  After a short briefing session, the group was all geared up and ready for the trek.

The group was made up of staff, volunteers, friends and family & community members.   It was a nice warm sunny day.  Our guides were adamant that we would not reach the summit due to time restrictions but the group were focused on getting to the top and stepped up the pace.  Eventually two and a half hours later the group were celebrating reaching the summit.

Shema Begum, one of the trekkers said “I’m glad to have been part of such an adventure and a real awesome group of trekkers.  The views were just breathtaking and amazing”


Saddique Ahmed, Project Manager said “We are very grateful to all our generous sponsors and everyone who took part in this challenge and raised a lot of money for this great cause.  I am so proud of everyone for reaching the summit (top) as well as being a great sport on the day.”

Once we had overcome the joy of reaching the summit the realisation of the trek back down looked an even bigger task.  Some participants found it challenging and for others it was a breeze in the park.   The group’s spirit and motivation was not to be dented and slowly they got back to where they started from.

If you are interested in participating in any future charity challenges to support the development of the Osmani Centre than please contact Abu Hasanath on info@osmanitrust.org



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