Pamper Day

In Aid of Stop Abuse of Girls and Women Campaign

  • £2 for 5mins on fish pad
  • £2 per photo on cd
  • £4 per photo printed on A4 photo paper

Ticket holders will have to go round the hall and queue up for treats, everyone will get at the least 2 treat.
Mothers with kids can bring their kids along, the games and arts room will be a play area for kids aged 3+ they won’t be able to take them in with them in the pamper hall on the third floor.  Kids under 3 can be taken in but must be kept with the guardian at all times

Food and drinks will be sold on the day

Amaal Campaign “Stop Abuse of Girls & Women”

Amaal is a community project based in Whitechapel run by female staff and volunteers. Amaal takes a grass-root approach to educate up-skill and empower the female community. Established in 1992 it has built a strong rapport with the community and positively engages over 200 women each year. Tower Hamlets is home to an increasing number of females trapped in a cycle of alcohol, drugs, violence and sexual exploitation. Girls and women lack positive encouragement and structured support to overcome barriers challenge abuse pursue their rights and succeed as leaders in their communities.

Goals of Campaign
Amaal is seeking support to increase its capacity to support girls and women at risk and excluded from mainstream society. It is raising funds to deliver an intervention programme targeted at vulnerable females who are disengaged in mainstream society including those that are homebound, victims of abuse and substance misuse. The intervention will include skills building workshops, 121 coaching and social initiatives to encourage cohesion and unity amongst the female community and address cultural barriers affecting the progression and well-being of woman. More importantly the intervention will include a public seminar and professional’s conference to highlight and propagate statutory and local action against the abuse of women.

Ways you can help
Amaal is organizing a pamper day for girls and women scheduled to take place on Saturday 5th November 2011. The event will target 200 young women and will be the first of a series of initiatives to raise money for this campaign. The pamper day will offer girls and women from disadvantaged communities an opportunity to treat themselves at an affordable price. A survey will also be conducted to feed into research Amaal is looking to conduct as part of the campaign. You can support the event by donating products for skincare, massage, and hairstyling. You can also provide volunteers to support the delivery of the day.

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