Quit for Ramadan, Quit for Life

The Osmani Trust Health Trainers team took strides to engage with the local Muslim community during this year’s ‘Quit for Ramadan, Quit for Life’ smoke cessation campaign. The culmination of this was a local media campaign, which supported targeted outreach within the local mosques and within community settings such as the Idea Store. Community specific outreach sessions covered promotion of the stop smoking service, raising awareness of the harm caused by tobacco use, and encouraging people to stop smoking as part of their spiritual living.

The sessions provided valuable insights into the community and their engagement with health services. It was found that the majority of people were unaware of the Stop Smoking Services. At the same time stronger links were cemented between the Osmani Trust Health Trainers team and the mosque leaders and trust was developed.

As a result of the Ramadan campaign, 23 people were supported to give up smoking and many more are on the list receiving advice and are on the verge of quitting. Since the campaign, the local mosques have committed to further health promotion activity with the Osmani Trust Health Trainers including holding weekly stalls on a Wednesday during midday prayers in order to recruit more local residents mainly from the Muslim community.

The Osmani Trust Health Trainers are now planning towards the ‘New Years’ smoke cessation campaign which will come into effect during the Christmas and new year’s period. More community outreach sessions will be held from key locations such as the Whitechapel market, Idea Store, Sainsbury’s, one stop shop etc. The aim of the campaign is to encourage local residents and visitors of Tower Hamlets to make 2011 a smoke free year.


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