Peer Work

The Peer Programme works with gangs/peer groups (15 – 25 year olds) from various areas, engaging them in a process of personal and professional development that diverts them away from gang culture, raises aspirations, and improves their life and employment prospects.

The programme undertakes different facets within the model of work.  From outreach sessions to workshops which focuses on deglamorising gang culture, territoriality, group rivalry, criminality and anti-social behaviour. Working closely with the groups, the programme also identifies and tailors each plan suited to the group and to the individuals.

The Peer Work Programme takes a long term approach of engagement, personal and social development, cognitive behaviour & mind-set change, charity and community work and supporting them with employability skills to help them move into education, employment or training.  The programme uses a peer education model, targeting the main leaders in the group who would then influence and change their peers.


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