Youth Club

The weekly Youth Club Programme, at the Osmani Centre, continues to offer a safe space for young people aged 12 to 19 to participate in a comprehensive programme that;

  • Empowers young people to realise their best potential;
  • Provides opportunities for young people’s personal and social development;
  • Ensures the provision of sufficient leisure and informal educational courses;
  • Maximises young people’s participation in wider services.

Young people are able to meet in a comfortable and safe setting with friends, access one-to-one support with youth workers and participate in high quality workshops and activities. The youth Club aims to be more than just a ‘youth club’ and sees the development, needs and aspirations of young people as paramount. It takes a leading role in representing the views of young people at all levels. The Youth Club aims to empower young people through advice, information, education and practical support, to allow them to make informed decisions about their lives.

Over the years the projects has been growing and has developed to offer a significant number of services to the youth of Tower Hamlets. It’s current portfolio of activities are outline regular youth club sessions, football, Martial arts, holiday schemes as well as many more different types of sessions.

The strongest asset of the Youth Club Programme is its ability to connect with youth and mobilise positive action.

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