Types of activities offered

Through Outreach, staff maintain contact with local young people, meet them in their own settings, build relation and identify needs, issues and opportunities.  It is during outreach also, staff identify potential conflicts and gang fights. Through these sessions, many barriers are slowly broken down. The peer workers consciously approach young people that they would hardly come into contact with, meet them, introduce themselves to them and build a channel of communication with them.  This greatly supports community cohesion efforts.

Workshops are essentially group work sessions that vary in their content and nature.  Some of the sessions we organise include:

  • Gang Culture
  • Youth Gangs
  • Gun and Knife Crime
  • Actions and Consequences
  • Status and Power
  • Enemies and Revenge
  • Interview Skills
  • Group Ethics: Constructive and Destructive factors in teamwork
  • Good practices in conducting a meeting
  • Outreach methods and practices

Aasha provides accredited and structured training. Here is a list of some of the courses:

  • How to Be a Peer Worker
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Citizenship
  • Drug Awareness, Level 1
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety
  • One to One
  • First Aid
  • Monitoring and Inspection
  • Child Protection

Sport is a fantastic way of engaging young people.  We offer young people the opportunity of getting involved in football through our outreach sessions. We also have martial sessions as well as other sports and recreational activities including wall climbing.

Excursions and Residential Escapes
Excursion are always exciting and attractive, especially for local young people who often don’t have opportunities to go and enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Aasha also takes young people to various types of residential from Outward Bound where they learn life skills, to unity residential with other young people who they may have problems with before. These residential helps young people develop their interpersonal skills as well as learn skills that are needed to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life.


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