Annual Fun Day
Amaal holds an Annual Fun Day for the female community to raise awareness of female provision and to encourage more young women from Minority Ethnic backgrounds to participate in our activities.  The Fun Day also serves as a means of developing members and volunteers on our project.   Members of Amaal perform, present, and help organise the event.  This helps develop their organisational skills, time-keeping, self confidence, public speaking and team working skills.  In addition it helps the girls develop the ability to formulate opinions, assess and evaluate choices and recognise and balance the interests of self and others.  The days performances, presentations and awards seek to inspire more young women to follow suit.

The Fun Day includes
• Arts and crafts,
• Hair and beauty
• Fun sports
• Fair rides
• Bazaar
• Information and advice stalls
• Performances by young women
• BBQ and food

International Women’s week
Amaal holds an annual event in celebration of international womens week.  Led by young women, the event showcases the talents of young women from across the borough.  The day features performances, karaoke, creative arts, bazaar, pampering and offers information and advice on education and employment for young women.  The event is attended by an average of 300 women.

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