What we offer young woman

• Weekly weekend and evening youth club sessions
An opportunity to meet new people, build new positive relationships and participate in various activities in arts and crafts, performing arts, cooking, workshops on issues affecting young women, skills building and sports

• Cooking sessions
A series of sessions teaching families and groups of young people how to cook their essential meals promoting healthy eating, social development and shared learning

• Holiday programmes in half term and summer holidays
Positive recreational alternative to engage young women during school and college holiday periods.  Holiday Programmes are run 3-5 days in half term holidays and 3-4 weeks in the summer holiday periods.

• Accredited Courses
To encourage positive achievement out of school/college hours, help young women learn new life skills and build on their profile in areas of choice

• Annual Residential
An informal setting to encourage development of positive relationships between youth workers and young members, an opportunity to gain new experiences and challenge individual potential

• Volunteering opportunities
A platform for development of young women, gives young women the opportunity to gain experience in working with young people, build on skills, access training opportunities in youth work and contribute to the positive development of provision for young women

• Annual Girls only Fun day
An annual event profiling the work of members attending Amaal through exhibitions, performances, taster club activities and awards, a platform for raising awareness of issues affecting young women and a gathering of young women from the local community

• Annual Awards Ceremony
Organised centrally for all projects of Osmani Trust, a collective recognition of the achievements of young members, volunteers, staff and projects overall

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