Ronald Ridge – Badminton Coach (adults)
Ronald Ridge is the Badminton Coach for the adult badminton session. He is currently working as the Tower Hamlets Badminton Development Officer and just some of his achievements include:

– UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton
– South African Junior Doubles Champion 1998
– Represented South Africa in World Junior Championships
– Attended the World Badminton Academy 2000
– Attended the South African National Squad

Shoib Ahmed – Badminton Coach (juniors)
Shoib Ahmed is the Badminton Coach for the children’s badminton session. Currently working as a Media Technician at London Metropolitan University, he coaches badminton to young people in his spare time to share his experience and expertise in the game.

– UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton
– Played in Essex 1st Division County
– Played in Middlesex 1st Division County
– Won numerous tournaments across the country

Ashraf Ali – Boxing Coach
Ashraf Ali is an ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) qualified boxing coach. He has been in amateur boxing for 7 years and started his career while in secondary school.

He is keen to filter down the positive impact boxing has had on him through to young people in his local community, and has over 1 year experience in teaching boxing to young people.

He has had 6 fights in 18 months, of which he has won 5, and lost 1 only by points!

Abdul Kamal – Boxing Coach
Abdul Kamal is currently a staff member in the Healthy Futures Project, working as a Health & Sports Officer.

He has huge passion for boxing and is a qualified ABA Boxing Coach.

Salmah Khan – Football Coach
Salmah Khan has been supporting the girls football under Healthy Futures since its very beginning. She says that ‘Osmani Trust has opened up doors and facilitated sports for young girls that is culturally sensitive which isn’t found in all places’

– Qualified FA Level 1 in Football Coaching
– Third year at Middlesex University studying philosophy and religion
– Attends many other sports sessions as a means to keeping fit and enjoying herself, as well as meeting new friends

Dan Varzari – Instructor

– 1st  DAN Black Belt
– Started training Oct 1998
– Qualified BTCB Instructor
– Referee course 2005 with Romanian Taekwondo
– Instructor course 2005 with Romanian Taekwondo
– Senior Male Assistant Instructor at Hadri Taekwondo
– 2009: Bronze – UTF International, Crawley, UK

Mei Minh Luong – Instructor

– 1st DAN Black Belt
– Started training April 2004
– Qualified  BTCB Instructor
– Senior Female Assistant Instructor at Hadri Taekwondo
– Gold Medallist –  2nd Hadri Taekwondo Club Championships 2008
– Silver Medallist – UTF British International Championships 2009
– Bronze Medallist – Southern Championships 2009

Sabina Begum – Football Coach

Sabina is a Teaching Assistant at Bishop Challoner School and coaches’ football over the weekend. Sabina has been coaching football at the Osmani Trust for 6 years now. She got into football by volunteering at Arsenal Double Club, which was a pilot scheme aimed at educating through football.

Personal quote
‘This is such a great opportunity to get the young girls out, break away from cultural barriers and keep fit! I love coaching the girls, they are so passionate and we all have a good laugh ’

Patrica Imbert (Patsy) – Basketball Coach

Patrica Imbert has been playing and coaching basketball for 20 years and plays in the National League Division 2 for Edmonton Green Phoenix. She has been coaching young girls at Elite Youth for 2 years, and is well known for her motivation and strong will to encourage girls to take up the sport. She has a strong motto of ‘dont lert anything stand in your way…reach for your goals…’, which she filters down well, especially to young girls whom participate in the Healthy Futures girls basketball sessions.

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