About Us

Osmani Centre

The new Osmani Centre is a purpose built youth and community centre for the people of Tower Hamlets. It was built together in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council as a direct replacement of the old centre. The new Osmani Centre was completed in August 2011 and was handed over to Osmani Trust to manage its day to day operations.

Osmani Trust

Osmani Trust is a youth and community organisation based in Tower Hamlets and Newham. The Trust offers a wide range of community, health and sporting initiatives tailored to the needs of the community. It aims to provide a holistic service, which helps people, particularly those living in disadvantaged urban communities to re-engage with mainstream society and improve their quality of life.

Through its provisions, Osmani Trust seeks to address issues impacting the community including substance misuse, racial tensions, criminality and anti-social behaviour, territoriality and gang-related violence, unemployment and overcrowding, lack of training and employment opportunities. It also places strong emphasis on the health and social welfare of the community.

Osmani Trust works with ordinary people helping them to do extraordinary things.

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