The Bridge Programme

The Bridge Programme

Mentoring for people in Probation Services

What we offer:

The Bridge Programme primarily supports minority ethnic and/or Muslim adults in probation to reintegrate into their communities and reduce the risk of re-offending.

Through 1:1 mentoring, we provide support in the following resettlement pathways:

  • Accommodation
  • Employment
  • Education/training
  • Health
  • Drugs and alcohol misuse
  • Finance, benefits and debt
  • Family relationships
  • Attitudes, behaviour and positive mindset

Our experienced and qualified staff provide tailored support to each service user, helping them to achieve their goals and desired outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to empower service users to make lasting positive changes in their lives, enabling them to stay away from re-offending and to build a stable, positive lifestyle that can positively influence those around them.

Who is it for?

This programme is designed primarily for minority ethnic and/or Muslim adults aged 18 to 40 who are currently engaging with Probation services and living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets or Newham

Contact details

For more information or if you are interested in our programme please contact    0207-247-8080

Probation Officers in Tower Hamlets and Newham can refer clients directly to us using the NPS JitBit referral system


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