Globe Town is still on the borders of changing, but from what it was before we started and to what it is now we have seen positive changes.

I remember how we couldn’t even get to stop and talk to some of the youth who use to hang around and cause a nuisance just for laughs. I also remember them quiet clearly saying that they didn’t like me and a lot of the other older guys in the area. Towards the build up of our first event we managed to get some communication going with the youth in our area. They were getting just as excited as we were and even just before the event we had a little fall out in the area between these youths, but we managed to patch things up at the BBQ & Boxing Event, which definitely bought in a positive vibe. After the event, I think I can say almost everyday we would have someone asking us what’s the next even going to be.

Together my fellow peer workers and I; not only brought the youth together but also many of the older residents who left with praise for us. Even to this day if there’s a problem many of the older residents choose to come up to us and discuss and have hope that we could get through to the youth.

Through the summer we also held our fun day, which was another fantastic day. It created the buzz needed, we had residents volunteering to help out on our events and stalls, and we had events for all different ages. These are events which will always remain a part of Globe Town and brings a smile to my face just from reminiscing about them.

Currently we have thought up a few ideas for event through winter, one of them is a Graffiti project, which many of the youth are already excited about. I think we’ve made a great start and we’ve got majority of the residents of Globe Town on our side. We plan to continue the work and make it a regular thing so we don’t have anyone thinking we where just here for the summer. I feel we are appreciated much more in the area and the youth feel they can look up to us and I sure hope they do keep approaching us, this goes the same for the older residents we like the fact they have chosen to come share their thoughts on our community with us.

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