Case Studies

Using languages in Tower Hamlets- new PhD research project taking place in the Osmani Centre.

What does it mean to speak Sylheti in Tower Hamlets? Who speaks Sylheti who doesn’t? What do people think and feel about their languages and is this changing? Do younger people feel differently than older generations and what will the future look like for Sylheti? If these questions about language interest you, you may want… Read more

Young Person

I have not done very well in school, actually I under achieved though I had a lot of potential. I would be drawn into conflicts with other young people over issues including territory, drugs and relationships. I had issues around drugs and substance misuse and fraud. I was unemployed and had no experience in the… Read more

Waliur Rahman – Graduate

I have been on the project for 1 year. I joined the mentoring project, because I wanted to help out in the community, and help young people, with the difficulties they face. I saw the programme as a big brother scheme, where I could help the young people, with their education, friends and any other… Read more

Sheba Ali – PGCE Student

I have been on the mentoring project since July 2009. I joined the mentoring programme to help young people in realising their potential. I want to make a positive difference to their life; helping them to help themselves. The mentoring programme gave me the opportunity to give something back to my community. I have learnt… Read more

Nadeem Ahmed

My name is Nadeem Ahmed. I am nineteen years old. I am currently studying Youth work OCN level 2. Before I joined AASHA, I was not in education because I dropped out of college right at the end of the year before I had my exams. I wasn’t working either. At first I didn’t know… Read more

My Dinh

My Dinh

I have been going to the Healthy Futures basketball club for almost three years. It is a fun atmosphere where we all get along and play well as a team. We all motivate each other and it helps that it is for girls only as it gives me more confidence to play and have fun…. Read more

Muminur Rahman

Muminur Rahman

Since I started to play for Elite Youth FC, I have made new friends and have visited so many places, such as Wembley Stadium and Craven Cottage.  I enjoy playing here and it has helped my confidence a lot and the training is great fun.


Globe Town is still on the borders of changing, but from what it was before we started and to what it is now we have seen positive changes. I remember how we couldn’t even get to stop and talk to some of the youth who use to hang around and cause a nuisance just for… Read more

Khairul Amin

Khairul Amin

Khairul Amin has been a member of Osmani Trust for the past three years; he first came into contact with the project through our school based coaching programme. Khairul has always been a confident young person but at times this would cause him to be disruptive in sessions. Over the three years he has learned… Read more

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