Become a positive role model (mentor)

Inspiring others

If you are 18 and over and are looking to make a positive contribution to the community. Why not become a mentor (positive role model)
Saddique Ahmed, Project Manager, says: ‘We’re very proud of the fact that some of the mentees have gone on to become mentors themselves.’

‘A positive experience’

Based on the evidence of this study and previous research, it is clear that there are real benefits to volunteer mentors:

• For the overwhelming majority, the experience is a positive and fulfilling one. Only a small minority wouldn’t want to do it again
• The experience has a significant impact on those who participate and increases their skills, self confidence and understanding of people who are different to themselves
• For many of those who volunteer, especially people who are unemployed, it is a way of making a contribution, that brings with it increased self respect and motivation
• For young people in particular, it can lay the foundation for a lifetime of good citizenship.

What are the Benefits of Mentoring?

• Develops new skills – communication, leadership, organisational skills
• Gives access to work experience which could lead to career opportunities
• Opportunity to gain a nationally recognised award and add to your CV
• Enables you to give something back to the community
• Gives you experience of taking responsibility and valuing your achievements
• Get involved in training courses leading to awards
• Get involved in local, regional and even national events/activities
• Combats boredom – build on your self-confidence
• Access to support from different agencies and people
• Have fun
• Meet new people and make new friends
• Try something different
• Experience working with other people

You don’t need tons of reasons – just enthusiasm!  Everyone has something to offer, and who knows, you may find out that you’re especially talented at something you’ve never tried before.

What next?

Visit the download page for an application form, person specification and role description or get in touch for more information.

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