Sheba Ali – PGCE Student

Sheba Ali – PGCE Student

I have been on the mentoring project since July 2009. I joined the mentoring programme to help young people in realising their potential. I want to make a positive difference to their life; helping them to help themselves. The mentoring programme gave me the opportunity to give something back to my community.

I have learnt more about problems and issues which are faced by young people. I have also come to realise the potential each and every young person possess and the positive achievement which they can make. I enjoy taking part in various activities, especially the group sessions. This allows me to speak to the other mentees and learn about them. They are very lively, bubbly and fun young people who enjoy spending time with people from all walks of life.

I think for my mentee, having an outside partial person to talk gives her the ability to view her life from a different angle; helping her see her life in a different light. It has also helped her make new friends with people she normally wouldn’t have contact with. I think the most important thing she has learnt from this mentoring is that she is not alone in this world, that there are other people who are going through similar problems. As a mentor the programme has opened my eyes to young people, seeing life from their point of view.

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