Waliur Rahman – Graduate

Waliur Rahman – Graduate

I have been on the project for 1 year. I joined the mentoring project, because I wanted to help out in the community, and help young people, with the difficulties they face. I saw the programme as a big brother scheme, where I could help the young people, with their education, friends and any other issues they face. I joined the mentoring project, to gain new and unique experiences of working with young people.

By being on the mentoring programme, I have obtained skills which I would not have been able to gain if I were to be working in other fields, such as being able to understand and communicate with young people, how to advise and support young people. The programme enabled me to think on my feet, and make decisions carefully and swiftly, whilst being in a difficult situation.

What I enjoy about the programme is that every session with the young person is fun and unique. Both the young person and I are treated extremely well by the organisation, and feel like a family, more than an organisation, which makes working with young people and the staff at Shaathi even more enjoyable.

The mentoring project has helped my mentee to get back into their studies, and continue for further education in collage. At first, my young person was finding it hard to concentrate and study in school, and his grades were below average. But over a period of 6 months, with the help of his school and his parents, we set up a plan for additionally classes at school and private home school to improve his grades.

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