#WeCare Health & Wellbeing

#WeCare Health & Wellbeing

#WeCare Health & Wellbeing

The Osmani Trust’s #WeCare Health and Well-being Programme offers support to both young people aged 12-17 and adults aged 18+ to help them manage their mental health. It is a safe space for residents of Tower Hamlets to talk to our team about the challenges they face in their daily lives.

The #WeCare programme offers tailored support to service users, with Mental Health First Aid trained coaches providing face-to-face, video call, and phone coaching sessions. Drop-in sessions are available for both adults and young people, allowing clients to access the help they need to navigate through any difficulties they may be facing.

Support offered

  • Access to Support to CBT/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Group & 1:1 Support sessions
  • Workshops around how to cope with our problems
  • Exercise Classes
  • Trips & Much More

Our #WeCare early intervention program provides culturally sensitive emotional support to clients from the South Asian and Muslim community, where mental health is still a taboo subject. Our team offers early support for those struggling with their mental health, as well as helping them re-engage in social activities. To tackle these taboos, we collaborate with local and external organisations at the grassroots level.


Email: Abul.lais@osmanitrust.org

Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Road, London E1 5AW

tel:   020 7247 8080

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