Young Person

Young Person

I have not done very well in school, actually I under achieved though I had a lot of potential. I would be drawn into conflicts with other young people over issues including territory, drugs and relationships.

I had issues around drugs and substance misuse and fraud. I was unemployed and had no experience in the world of work. Things were getting from bad to worse for me.

I was also experiencing difficulties at home, including rows and bust ups with my father which resulted in conflicts and tensions. The situation was so bad that I left home to be accommodated by the local authority. It was at this point that I was referred to the Shaathi Mentoring Project, by my Social worker. Slowly I started engaging with the programme and my personal and social circumstances began to improve.

Shaathi offered me new opportunities and allowed me to meet other peers. In one of my first goal setting exercise, I expressed how different I felt compared to before and how my life was now taking a positive direction. Anger management was a big issue for me, however with the support, advice and guidance of my mentor and other staff members as well as attending some workshops I was able to overcome my negative emotions. I took part in one to one as well as group mentoring sessions, which enabled me to discuss and explore problems and issues. My one to one sessions helped me to realize my potentials and how it is possible to achieve them. The group activities and excursions were great fun.

I would like to thank everyone associated with Osmani Trust and especially the Shaathi Mentoring Project for their ongoing help and support.

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