Aims & Objective

The project aims to achieve this through delivering high quality coaching to young people by qualified coaches in a safe environment.
The aims of the Football in the Community project are:

• To challenge the under-representation of young people from the South Asian community in mainstream football.

• Provide the young people in Tower Hamlets with access to sports and recreational facilities, and organise them into different age-groups and introduce them to mainstream football leagues.

• Provide quality coaching by qualified FA coaches to help their team building skills and increase their hand to eye co-ordination. They will also be taught the benefits of good nutrition to their health.

• Opportunities will also be made available to those young people who wish to gain training in their field of interest. First Aid and other sports related workshops will be organised over the course of three years.

Osmani Trust is a youth and community project which has built great relationships with local organisations and more importantly the local community, due to this fact Osmani Trust are always asked to perform activities outside the prescribed aims of the FITC project.   The FITC project has become a brand name locally as well as nationally with the quality of services it provides.

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