School Resilience Programme

School Resilience Programme

Osmani Trust has a long-standing and award-winning track record of delivering early intervention in schools and in the community for those at risk of joining gangs, crime, violence, and exploitation.

The School Resilience Programme (SRP) is an early intervention programme that aims to change the attitude of at-risk pupils toward education and to build resilience to violence, crime, and exploitation. Research shows a strong link between school exclusion and later entry into the Criminal Justice System which the SRP aims to change through early intervention.

Aim of the programme

The programme aims is to:

  • Improve attitudes and outlook on life
  • Improve pupils decision-making skills and to make positive choices
  • Increase retention and engagement in school by raising aspirations
  • Reduce the risk of exclusion by changing behaviour and attitudes towards life and school
  • Develop pupils’ skills to help manage challenging situations (conflict) and manage their own behaviour.
  • Increase their knowledge, understanding and consequences of violence and crime.
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding signs of exploitation and how to avoid it.

Key SRP Activities

  • 12 session comprehensive programme run by qualified and experienced trainers
  • Carefully designed learning materials/resources
  • One to one intensive support for pupils
  • Detached work (engaging with pupils after school)

Commitment required from schools to engage SRP

  • Organise a cohort of up to 20 pupils that meet referral criteria.
  • To compete for a register of pupils referred with details and background information of the young people.
  • Suitable room for experiential learning style
  • To provide two lesson slots during school times.

If you would like to discuss further or would like us to deliver the School Resilience Programme at your School, please email or contact  Osmani Trust on 020 7247 8080.

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